Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Antidrasi - Katastasi Kindynoy (1990)

Geiler Old-School Scheiss aus dem Land der Oliven!
Gemopst vom Pirate-Industry-Blog da gabs auch diese super Info zur Band:

One more band carrying its own myth from the rough period of the '80s in the centre of athens, exarchia, a zone which symbolizes social struggle for at least 30 years now. Lot of big riots begun from there, two kids have been shot dead during the years, one in 1985 during anarchist riots -mihalis kaltezas-, the first song from this album ("hirino kreas-pig meat") its for him. Recently history made its vicious circle, december of 2008 another kid was shot in exarchia -alexandros grigoropoulos- the riots occured after this in all of greece were bigger and more massive than ever, not only anarchists and punks but immigrants, students bored study all day, even their parents went down the streets as they watched police bruttality applied in their kids.
Back in time again, the band was formed in 1985, the released some demo tapes and ep and in 1990 their first lp came... "katastasi kindinou-emergency state", the cover of the lp with the rotten greek flag and the cop ready to shoot gives a clue of the angry lyrics and sounds decoded in the vinyl.


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